My DIY Trials

Diaper Bouquet

Posted on: January 6, 2013

Soooo tomorrow is my sister’s baby shower and i didn’t get her anything. I know I know I’m a terrible sister but in my defense this is her 4th child. So there.

Anywho, since I’m not completely wratched, i will go to the baby shower but as far as I’m concerned that baby will have all types of hand me downs so I am giving her something that could be all for herself…diapers. I know she will need them. So I set out to try my first DIY for the blog (yeah me!) ┬áHere goes.

Materials: vase, floral foam, styrofoam ball, white tissue paper, swaddlers diapers, clear hair elastic bands, wooden skewers, ribbon, tulle, knife and scissors (whoops not shown)


first thing I did was measure the floral block and cut it with my knife to fit inside the vase. Cut it skinny and short if you need. It will have to be shorter than the top of the vase to allow room for the foam ball. Next take the floral foam out of the vase and add the white tissue paper. Somehow squeeze the foam back in the center without letting it show throw the tissue paper. Add a wooden skewer to the top of the foam block and add the foam ball on top allowing some tissue paper to come up and out the vase.


then I started rolling my pampers around some wooden skewers that I cut in half and secured them with a clear elastic. I started inserted them into the foam ball from the top and worked my way around.



I ended up using 3/4 of the 36 pack of diapers. Once those were in as many spots as I could fit them in the foam ball, I cut my tulle up into long strips. Sorry I didn’t measure but something along the lines of 6×12 inch strips. I folded them in half and started pushing them in between the pampers to hide as many gaps as possible.


I rearranged the tulle and diapers to make them look pretty and added a bow to the glass



I think it came out pretty decent for a first try. Next time I may jazz up the glass with some mod podge applied glitter or something. My only gripe is if I was to give this as a gift to anyone other than my sister I would feel like the tulle may easily fall out. Maybe I could stick the skewer through the tulle before I push them through the foam ball.

Anyone has any other suggestions likes or gripes? Leave a comment!

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